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You’ve been nominated to pick up 6 pieces of plastic in your local area.
And you’ve done the deed and nominated 6 other people.

Bravo and thank you!

But it doesn’t stop here. Picking up 6 pieces is a token to get tidal wave of change happening throughout Malta and Gozo. And we can’t make this happen without your help! By adding a frame to your Facebook profile picture, you are helping spread the message and encourage people in your network to get involved too.

Together, we can collectively collect 1 million pieces of plastic and stop them from entering the sea and polluting our water and our sea life.

Here a few simple steps how to add your frame:

Facebook frame

To add a frame to your profile picture:

2. Type in ‘Double the Wave’ in the search box

Double the wave pic 1

3. Choose the frame you want to use from the results.

Double the wave Pic 2

4. Click Use as Profile Picture.

Inspire others to do the same!