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Yesterday night, after careful consideration of the options that lay in front of him, Neil made the tough but necessary decision to change the course of the swim. The swim will remain to be an attempt to smash the current World Record of the ‘The longest continuous, unassisted, current neutral swim along a single-segment natural route in an ocean, sea, or bay” or in simple terms the ‘Longest Open Water Swim’. This is currently held at 124.4km in 41 hours 22 minutes in 2014 held by Chloe McCardel.

Every decision is being taken to give Neil the best chance to reach this ultimate goal. In order to ensure it can go ahead, and not run into bad weather conditions, the route will now be that of Linosa (a Small Mediterranean island near Africa) to Malta. Neil will be swimming home.

After months and months of careful planning and hours on end of making the logistics happen, the decision was not taken lightly. But Neil is practicing what he preaches – listening to the forces of nature, taking note of the signs and improvising to reach the ultimate goal.

This does not make the swim any easier or less of a challenge. All the exact same restrictions apply. It is still set to be a 50-55 hour non stop swim and all the plans, protocols and schedules will remain exactly the same to avoid confusion.

The swim is expected to kickoff on Monday 28 June at 4 or 5pm from Linosa.
It will last for about 50-55 hours.
And they are expected to arrive back in Malta on Wednesday afternoon or evening.
We will update you on where and what time as the day progresses.

As you can imagine, this takes mental agility from Neil and the team to switch course at such short notice. But this is all part of the training and the mindset Neil is committed to.

Things are moving very quickly at this time. If you have any queries, please direct toward myself and I will do what I can to accommodate.

This is going to be another epic legacy and we are so grateful that you are part of it.