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Neil Agius - Wave of Change Athlete #WaveOfChange

Neil Agius

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Swimming Coach, Olympian & record breaker

Neil has been swimming competitively for the past 22 years. He represented Malta at the 2004 Olympics in Athens - an experience most athletes only dare to dream of!

His drive to combine his personal goal with a wider need to address the ever-growing issue of plastic polluting the seas he so loves developed into the 'Wave of Change' movement.

Neil, one of the pioneers behind this movement, believes everyone can play a part and make a difference, every day in a small but powerful way.

Richard Zerafa - Wave of Change Athlete #WaveOfChange

Richard Zerafa

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Dad of 2 Boys

Richard was introduced to swimming at the age of 19 by a friend he met at a local gym in Senglea. He started being coached by Neil Agius 4 years ago at the National Pool and the rest is history ?

Taught how to swim by his father at the age of 3, he always loved the sea. During his childhood years, he had fond memories of seas full of life, snorkelling and spending most of the time underwater when visiting the beach. Today instead of snorkelling around abundant sea life, most of the sea is infested with garbage and you rarely see the wildlife that was so abundant years ago.

He wants his children to enjoy the same seas he enjoyed with his children as should all children! Just keep swimming!

Hannah Cutajar - Wave of Change Malta Athlete #WaveOfChange

Hannah Cutajar

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Triathlete, Ironman and National Champion, Married and has two adorable kittens Mia & Luna

Hannah is not a new face in the Triathlon world and has raced all over the globe representing Malta in major events and competitions.

'Having raced all around the world, I believe Malta is one of the most beautiful places to swim in and yet I can tell that we are slowly ruining the sea. I want to be part of the change and hope to inspire people to their part. You don't need to do anything big, it's the little things that count!'

Steven Grech - Wave of Change Athlete #WaveOfChange

Steven Grech

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Dad, ex-waterpolo player and digital nomad

Steve started swimming at the age of 8, racing in the old Marsascala pool and by age 10 he was playing for Exiles Sports Club under 16 and eventually the first team retiring at 22! Steve relight his passion for the sea 2 years ago getting into open water swimming with the AYR Swimming Group.

His love for the sea and the movement Neil Agius, Richard Zerafa and Gilbert Bartolo created last year inspired him to join the cause and this exciting challenge. Steve wants a cleaner planet for his kids and all future generations to enjoy and respect.

Positive change starts from within, so let's look after ourselves and our environment!

Andrew Azzopardi - Wave of Change Athlete #WaveOfChange

Andrew Azzopardi

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Dad of two naughty boys, Ex-triathlete and a wine-geek by profession

Andrew only started swimming in 2011, when he got into Triathlon as a way to keep the bad habit of smoking at bay. In 2016, after the birth of his first son, he decided to reduce his training hours and focus on just one sport - Swimming!

Passionate about the sea, Andrew has fond memories snorkelling with his dad, however, he feels that since his snorkelling days, the amount of sea-life has reduced drastically and is worried his kids will never experience the beauty of the sea he experienced as a kid.

'It is now up to us to save whats left our seas and I think we can, but we must act fast - our kids will thank us for it'

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