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Our Mission at Wave of Change is to engage the nation and leave a positive ‘change’ for future generations. We will do this by supporting and promoting individuals who through their actions will inspire others, educate future generations, and instil a sense of community pride in achieving positive things together – a small nation can be the example to the World and bring about bigger change.

The Wave of Change is building a movement of people who are involved and acting for the improvement of our environment and our own well-being. The aim of the Wave of Change campaigns will ultimately lead to motivating people to change their behaviour and their mindset – to live a more sustainable lifestyle in line with nature. Eventually, things like picking up plastic will not be needed, as we will all stop littering, overusing plastic and damaging our nature and our sea. Full stop. This is no small feat, but as you’ve witnessed in the past – no challenge is insurmountable for the Wave of Change.

The intention of the Founder and Co-Founder is to have a modern NGO aware of the risk of bureaucratical time-consuming issues. The idea is to run the operations of the NGO using a B2B concept, where each campaign is carried out in partnership with other NGOs, private entities, Governmental authorities (at local, national and supranational), and others. In short, we are not after reinventing the wheel, but to use the attention as a springboard to targeted campaigns in collaboration with other entities.

Wave of Change Campaigns

About Wave of Change

In our events, campaigns and sports challenges, we raise awareness about various problems such as pollution, obesity and inclusion. By engaging with the community of supporters we encourage behavioural positive change in the areas of greatest impact, leaving a long-lasting mark.

In essence, #waveofchange is a movement of people taking action to bring about change by raising awareness on the impact of daily decisions and inspiring choices that are driven by sustainability and compassion.

Did you know?

From plastic pollution facts, to solutions and actions being taken around the world. We’re dishing out the current news you need to know.